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  Wedding Flowers Guide


Expert Guide to Wedding Flowers

Purple Dahlias in Wedding Bouquet We are Sarnia's Wedding flower experts and we would love to use our many years of experience to help make your wedding flowers perfect.. and worry free. This guide contains general information about wedding flowers, some frequently asked questions, budgeting information and a bit about what services we include in the price of our wedding flowers. We are proud to say that all the bouquets and arrangements on this page were created by our Jenny's wedding designers.   


What percentage of your total budget should you expect to spend on your wedding flowers? 

Every wedding is individual and several different factors can affect the amount you will spend, but setting a budget is exactly the right way to start. 
Bearing in mind that everything is relative to the venue you choose, the season in which you will wed, the length of your guest list, and size of your wedding party the average bride spends about 8% of her total budget on flowers.
Bride and Groom in Sarnia Ontario

What percentage of your flower budget should you spend on your bouquet?

To give you an idea, these are the averages for weddings we've done with a 150-person guest list and a 10-member bridal party. 

You're likely to spend... 

55 % on centerpieces and decor elements for the reception tables.

14 % on your bridesmaids bouquets

12 % on ceremony decorations

8 % on your bouquet

5 % on boutonnieres

5 % on corsages

1 % on your flower girl's basket

The percentages here are averages though, so there is plenty of opportunity to tailor your flowers to your unique needs. The most important thing to remember is to set your budget and let us know what it is. We can help you stick to it, while helping you choose bouquets that reflect the theme and feeling you envision. The best quality doesn't always have to be the most expensive...let us provide you with a quote for your wedding flowers, you will be surprised how competitive we are!

Green and White Orchid Bouquet Wedding Bouquet with Yellow Gerbera Bride and Groom  Wedding Flowers 

Questions to ask when choosing a florist:

If you have not booked with a florist yet or are undecided about which florist to trust, the following is a list of questions you should consider asking. Weddings are a big business and they attract many amateur "florists". At Jenny's we have several qualified professional designers on staff with many years of wedding experience you can benefit from. We also include many services in the price of our wedding flowers, such as delivery to several addresses, pick up of rental pieces, and free rental for some items. 


1) If this isn't a well established local business, you should ask about the qualifications and experience this florist offers. How many years has he or she has been in business? What experience do they have with fresh flowers? Do they provide genuine testimonials from previous weddings?

2) Be sure to inquire if your florist has done weddings at your ceremony and/or reception site before. If so, he or she may have pictures of arrangements done at your site and will be knowledgeable about what sizes, shapes, and colors work in the space. If not, he or she should be willing to scope out the space and familiarize him or herself with any limitations.  

3) Ask to see pictures of actual bouquets and weddings that the designer has created. Stock photos in floral directories or on the internet are helpful in terms of picking colours and the style of your bouquets,but they can't help you decide whether the florist can produce a bouquet of equal quality 

4) Ask about prices. Some florists will provide package information, but be sure to inquire about what the limitations are on package weddings. Some allow a limited choice of flowers or style of bouquets that can be included but the information may still be helpful when comparing different florists.

5) Ask how many other weddings this florist will be doing on your wedding day. At Jenny's we never book more than two weddings for the same day and only one if it is a large event. We believe that weddings deserve extra time and attention to detail that can't be provided when a shop has multiple weddings to arrange and deliver. 

5) Trust your instincts. Sometimes you just have to trust your own judgement. You may develop and instant repore with a designer, who just seems to understand your vision and is as excited as you are about choosing the perfect flowers for your day. 

White Hydrangea and Celosia Brides Bouquet, Sarnia Flowers Wedding Party with Bouquets, Bright Green Boutonnierre Sarnia Flowers Peony Wedding Bouquet,


Once you have chosen Jenny's as your Wedding Florist:

When you book your wedding with us,we will book your consultation so that we can help you choose your flowers and discuss the details of your upcoming day. We know what questions to ask and what information we will need to make our part in your wedding day, smooth and worry free, but just to help you prepare for you meeting with us, we've put together this preview of what you can expect at our meeting. 

At your consultation:

First and foremost we want to see your vision...many brides have inspiration boards on pinterest or images of dresses, themes, colours and flowers they have colllected from magazines and on the internet. We want to see it all! If you haven't collected any inspirational images, don't worry, we have lots to look at.  We are here to help you choose a palette, that will suit your individual wedding style and colors.

Bring a bridesmaids dress fabric swatch, color chips, pictures or any other similar items with you when you meet our designer so we have a good starting point. We will discuss the circumstances that will affect the type of flowers we will use such as seasonal availability, cost  and other factors. We'll consider the season in which you are marrying, for example,if your wedding is in summer we will encourage you to opt for hardy flowers that won't wilt. We'll show you many different flowers that will suit your taste and stay beautifully fresh from the time you walk down the aisle until the last dance at your reception!

We will ask you about your budget and then we will suggest ways in which we can help you stick to the budget and will be honest with you about what solutions we can offer, that will give you flowers you will love and will compliment the theme and feel of your wedding, but that you can also afford.

We will help you choose boutonnieres and corsages for all the members of the wedding party, family and any others who will be wearing flowers. 

We'll discuss whether you are interested in fresh flowers as part of the decor for your ceremony and your reception. We can help you choose table centres to suit your budget and other floral pieces as well as candles and other items we can supply for your event. In some cases (depending on availability) we will supply free use of vases and other items, provided they are returned clean and in perfect condition or you may wish to rent items and let us do the clean up. 

You don't have to toss the actual bridal bouquet -- many brides have us create a smaller tossing bouquet for the traditional ritual. It is often free or at minmal cost and will be a very simple arrangement.We will be asking you if this will be a part of your reception so that we can provide this bouquet.   

We will ask you when we will have access to your ceremony and reception site. Hopefully early on the big day. We'll ask for any information we need to make the necessary arrangements at your church or venue to ensure that everything is coming up roses before you hit the aisle. We'll also decide on a schedule for delivery of your flowers at the location and time that is most convenient for you.

On your Wedding Day: 

We will coordinate the delivery time of your bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres with your photographer's arrival -- you'll want them to be worn or held in formal pictures. 

We will have your flowers delivered boxed with cellophane and well misted -- that way they'll look fresh through your ceremony and reception. We will do a last minute check for and remove any damaged blossoms. We will be sure to remind you to store your flowers in a cool place out of direct sunlight, until they are needed.  

If your bouquets are hand tied we may deliver them in vases of water to maintain freshness before the ceremony. You need to simply dry the stems thoroughly before carrying them down the aisle. We will arrange for to pick up the vases in the week following your wedding.

We will deliver and set up all flowers for the ceremony and reception. If there are items that are being moved from the site of the ceremony to the venue, we will be there, ( right after the knot is tied), to do so.  


Frequently asked questions:
How far in advance should I contact a florist when ordering wedding flowers? 

Flowers are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. They set the mood and tone for the event and will be remembered for years to come. Our policy at Jenny's is to only accept two weddings (or less) on a given day, so it is important to contact us well in advance to begin planning. We suggest that you contact us at least three months in advance. However, if your wedding is going to be an exceptionally elaborate event, take place during peak wedding season or fall on a holiday, then six months to a year is not too soon to contact us. This will allow us to begin looking for any specialty items or flowers you might need. Wedding flowers can be highly specific and colors often have to be very precise, so we need advance notice to plan and place orders your flowers. 

Will Jenny's work within my budget? 
Yes. We always ask you about your budget on the initial consultation so we know what flowers and styles to recommend. By taking your budget into consideration from the very beginning of the planning process,we can give you the best advice on how to place the flowers for maximum effect and what types of flowers will be the best value and work best to achieve your desired look. 

What should I bring when I have my wedding consultation? 
The more information you can provide the better we will be prepared to offer creative suggestions. We want to create a spectacular and memorable event for you. Anything you can bring will be beneficial. Pictures that depict what you have in mind are extremely helpful. Bring a photo of your dress and a sample of the fabric or lace if you have it, as well as swatches and photos of the bridesmaids' dresses. Also think about what 'style' of wedding you want. If you are not sure, we can offer suggestions based on your wedding plans and your budget. 

What can you do to help me stretch my ceremony and reception budget? 
Besides suggesting specific types of flowers that will work within your budget, we can offer helpful suggestions as to what flowers might be used at both the ceremony and reception. A few examples: bridesmaids' bouquets can become table decorations; the bride's bouquet can become the head table arrangement; the pew markers can become festive bows on cars or doors; altar designs can flank the buffet or cake table, etc. Florists are overflowing with creative ways to make use of your budget and flowers wisely.



Glossary of Wedding Flower Terminology:

Biedermeier A tightly arranged nosegay consisting of concentric circles of various differently colored flowers. The blooms are wired into a holder, with one flower variety per ring. 

Boutonniere A single bloom or bud (or several small buds) attached to the left lapel of the jacket. Boutonnieres can be worn by grooms, attendants, ushers, and the bride's and groom's fathers. 

Bowl Arrangment Low centerpiece style that consists of flowers clustered in a glass bowl. 

Candelabra A floral centerpiece created at the base, neck, or top of a multi-armed candelabra. Such a centerpiece is usually touched with flowing greens or ribbons, depending on the wedding's style.

Cascade A waterfall-like spill of blooms, often composed of ivy and long-stemmed flowers, that is wired to cascade gracefully over the bride's hands. 

Classic bouquet A dense bunch of blooms that can be anchored in a bouquet holder, wired, or hand-tied. 

Composite A handmade creation in which different petals or buds are wired together on a single stem to create the illusion of a giant flower. 

Corsage A single bloom (or small cluster of blooms) arranged against a bed of foliage, usually accented with ribbon and sometimes rhinestones, pearls or crystals. Corsages come in pin-on, wrist, and hand-held styles and are typically worn by mothers and grandmothers. Orchids and gardenias are higher end choices but we also often use roses and even carnations. 

Crescent Composed of one full flower and a flowering stem, often orchids, wired together to form a slender handle that can be held in one hand. Designed as either a full crescent -- a half circle with a central flower and blossoms emanating from two sides -- or a semi-crescent, which has only one trailing stem. 

Dais The centerpiece at the head table (where bride and groom are seated), which drapes to the front of the table for visual effect. We sometimes to refer this as a long and low arrangement or an alter arrangment.This is also sometimes used at the ceremony when a Unity candle is part of the wedding.

Garden Style Centerpiece featuring abstract wildflowers. The composition is airy and less full than other designs. Lisianthus, hollyhock, rambling roses, digitalis, and smilax are well suited to this arrangement style. 

Garland Elaborately woven rope or strand arrangement, typically used to adorn the head table,  pews and doorways. Garland is also sometimes created with simple greens.  

Huppah A wedding canopy decorated with flowers that is an integral part of the traditional Jewish ceremony

Nosegays Small,round bouquets, approximately 16 to 18 inches in diameter, composed of densely packed round flowers, greenery, and more recently, succulent plants and even herbs. Nosegays can be either wired or hand tied.  

Oasis Special foam used in flower arrangements. Oasis fits in a bouquet holder and retains water like a sponge, hydrating flowers for extended time periods. 

Pomander A bloom-covered ball suspended from a ribbon. Ideal for flowers girls and junior bridesmaids.    

Posies Smaller than nosegays but similar in design, posies often include extras like ribbons or silk flowers. Perfect for little hands. 

Presentation Also known as the pageant bouquet or arm bouquet, this is a bunch of long-stemmed flowers cradled in the bride's arms. 

Taped and wired Arranging technique for bouquets, boutonnieres, headpieces, and wreaths. The head of a flower is cut from the stem and attached to a wire, which is then wrapped with floral tape. Taped and wired flowers are more easily maneuvered into shapes and styles. 

Tossing or Throwaway Bouquet This small nosegay of the same flowers used in the brides bouquet, is used solely for the bouquet toss ritual. 

Tussy mussy From the Victorian era, a tussy mussy is a posy carried in a small, metallic, hand-held vase. Today, the term is often used in reference to the holder itself. 


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Our long tradition of pleasing Sarnia's most discriminating Brides,makes Jenny's professional designers uniquely qualified to make your bouquets and all your wedding flowers reflect your personality. Whether you are looking for trendy vintage style nosegays or a sophisticated traditional cascade, Jenny's can help you choose the perfect flowers for any style and any budget Contact us today to arrange a consultation and remember, the best quality doesn't always have to be the most expensive...let us provide you with a quote for your wedding flowers, you will be surprised how competitive we are!

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